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Welcome to the PACE Research Lab!

At the PACE Lab, we seek to utilize tools used in program evaluation to improve the mental health and well-being outcomes of children and families, particularly those involved with the foster care system. Some of the research questions the PACE Lab has sought or is currently seeking to answer are:


  • For children receiving community-based wraparound services, which variables are associated with positive changes in their depressive and antisocial symptoms/behaviors?

  • When we engage the extended family of children entering the child welfare system to be a supportive resource, does this improve children’s mental health and well-being outcomes?

  • For youth coming from dysfunctional homes, how does kinship support buffer against the negative effects of child maltreatment on youth’s psychosocial adjustment?

    • For a recent webinar on this topic from Dr. Leon, click here

  • Does in-person visitation with incarcerated fathers impact the behavioral adjustment of youth in foster care? 

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