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Recent Publications:

Hindt, L. A., Jhe Bai, G., Huguenel, B. M., Fuller, A. K., & Leon, S. C. (2018). Impact of emergency shelter utilization and kinship involvement on children's behavioral outcomes. Child Maltreatment. pdf


Leon, S. C. & Dickson, D. A. (2018). The impact of kinship networks on foster care children's outcomes. Family Relations. pdf


Blakely, G.L., Leon, S.C., Jhe Bai, G., & Fuller, A.K.  (2017).  Foster care children's kinship involvement and behavioral risks: A longitudinal study.  Journal of Child and Family Studies, 26, 2450-2462. pdf 


Jhe Bai, G., Leon, S.C., Garbarino, J., & Fuller, A.K. (2016).  The protective effect of kinship involvement on the adjustment of youth in foster care.  Child Maltreatment, 21, 288-297. pdf


Leon, S.C., Jhe Bai, G., Fuller, A.K., & Busching, M. (2016).  Emergency shelter care in child welfare: Who goes to the shelter?  How long do they stay? American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 86, 49-60. pdf


Leon, S.C., Jhe Bai, G., & Fuller, A.K. (2016).  Father involvement in child welfare:  Associations with changes in externalizing behavior. Child Abuse and Neglect, 55, 73-80. pdf


Leon, S.C., Saucedo, D.J., & Jachymiak, K. (2016). Keeping it in the family: The impact of a Family Finding intervention on placement, permanency, and well-being outcomes. Children and Youth Services Review, 70, 163-170. pdf


Sieracki, J.H, Fuller, A.K., Leon, S.C., Bai, G.J., & Bryant, F. (2015). The role of race, socioeconomic status, and System of Care services in placement decision-making. Children and Youth Services Review, 50, 3-11. pdf


Stoner, A.M., Leon, S.C. & Fuller, A.F. (2015).  Predictors of reduction in symptoms of depression for foster care youth. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 24, 784-797. pdf

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